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A. Andrew Gonzalez
Biography and Statement 

*Additional biographical information and artist statement to be added soon*

A. Andrew Gonzalez is an internationally renowned, self-taught artist from San Antonio, Texas USA and currently living in France.

His work can be found in museums, galleries and collections, both public and private. He’s known for the unique sculptural look of his paintings, as well as their power to move and inspire the viewer.

As recognized master of airbrushing, Andrew Gonzalez brings together a unique subtractive painting technique with the classical

idealization of the human figure and animal spirits to create exalted imagery with spiritual and visionary themes.

The artist describes his process as “soul work” and much like the poets of the Fedeli d' Amore, he inspires to create “mystical love poems to the soul”.

Andrew Gonzalez developed his own signature style, pursuing transfigurative themes in graceful figure drawing where the body reflects the elevation of the soul. Through synchronistic experiences, profound dreams and lucid dreaming, he experienced a deep creative transformation, intensifying his exploration into esoteric symbolism, comparative mythology and all subjects related to the sacred imagination.


The artist describes his style as “a visionary revival of the Romantic, the Symbolist and the Idealist Art aesthetic”. His focus is on the figure as both temple and vessel, sublimed by transformative forces. He captures his subjects suspended in an ecstatic moment; poised on the threshold of a new birth.

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