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Early Works from the Eighties and Nineties

This gallery presents a selection of my early work during a time when I began to take my creative exploration seriously. In my early teen years, my artist father showed me the expressive and innovative possibilities of the airbrush. Later, at nineteen years old, in the early 1980s, I began using the airbrush as my primary tool for painting. Through the years, I began to refine my technique and imagery, eventually arriving at the subtractive painting method I use today. During this time, I gave away much of my early work which was, unfortunately, never photographed. I still need to search for old photos to add to this gallery, but these are definitely the major pieces from this formative period of development. 

Viewing all these images together clearly reveals the origins of my signature style and the symbolic patterns or motifs that recur and evolve. My obsession with energetic forms and evocative movement, which I imagined as the Biosophic Fire which exalts or transfigures the body as a reflection of the alchemical process of sublimation.

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