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  • A. Andrew Gonzalez

New Website!

Finally, after over 20 years, I've created a new website featuring nearly all my artwork.

I'm keeping the design simple and clean. Just the essentials and easy access to new work and information, as well as new offerings in my shop.

Additional content will be added to my artist bio, statement and details on my painting technique.

A simple one or two-tier Patreon service will be created for special technical information, detailed photos of works in progress, print discounts and videos (details soon or contact me for more information).

In this blog, I'll post details on anything new, such as works in progress, exhibitions, interviews, publications, etc.

My Facebook and Instagram accounts will continue to provide my current information, but they will point to this site as having the complete or additional information.

So What's Next?

In the Works in Progress section, my painting, The Annunciation of Sophia Aeterna, still sits on my easel, waiting for me to give it the proper attention it requires. It's a large detailed painting, so it will take several months to complete. Currently, it's about 70% complete. But before I get to it, I need to start another figurative piece for a collector here in France. I should be starting that one within a couple of weeks.

Very soon, I will be starting a couple of major projects to be published by Blue Angel Publishing.

The first is the White Light Tarot card deck in collaboration with Alana Fairchild. I already have the White Light Oracle card deck published by Blue Angel, but unlike the oracle deck, this new deck will be based on tarot symbolism and will feature 78 new images that I will paint specifically for this deck. Understandably, this will take a lot of time to create, but no doubt the end result will be absolutely unique.

And finally, something I've been looking forward to for quite some time. Blue Angel will be publishing a book on my artwork, life and creative process. The book will delve deep into my personal history, creative development and the influences behind my transfigurative imagery.

Much to look forward to in the coming months.

So enough for now. Lots of work ahead.

A. Andrew Gonzalez

Brittany, France

May, 18th 2021

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